Hi I’m Valerie Hill, the artist behind Lost Arts Collective.

When I began to plan the creation of a tarot deck, I knew I wanted to have a place where I could document the process of building the deck card by card, and I wanted to invite others to follow along with me. From that desire, the Lost Arts Collective was created.  In creating this tarot deck I am taking inspiration from all sorts of vintage ephemera, maps, charts, illustrations, and old texts. These are all things that spark a feeling of wonderment in me, and I hope to pull that magic into the art of the cards.

I’m also a hopeless bibliophile with a special passion for artist’s books. Each month I create a unique little book that can be cut and folded from a single 8.5” x 11” piece of paper, and I email the digital file out to Collective members. To join is free, just enter your email address at the link below. I also love sending out surprise mail to randomly selected members, so if you would like to participate just include your mailing address as well.


Join the Lost Arts Collective


 I look forward to sharing this with you, and many other things to come!

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